best for handmade pieces is handwash with gentle detergents
hand wash in cool or lukewarm water (up to 20 Celsius degrees)
we recommend using washing liquids for wool instead of powders
laundry should be like gentle bath / after delicately rinsing,
squeeze excess water from the item without twisting / spread out on a cotton towel /
form the original shape of the knitted items and allow it to dry.

natural yarn dosen’t like frequent washing
please wash your knitted iteam after the season
and leave in a closet with the lavenda

Our story

B A M B O L I N A brand was created in 2010 with love
of knitting. Currently, our projects are addressed to small children. We create mainly hats for children by using knitting technics. We like simple design and good quality yarns.

All clothes are made of the most delicate and natural materials. We know how important the sensitive of children's skin is.

Today our collections are distributed by the world’s
finest boutiques in Europe, Asia and America. The production its located in Poland base on high quality materials.

We offer a unique baby and toddlers apparel and matching accessories that are not only loved by kids but also by their parents.

have you any questions?

if you have any question or doubts how to buy the Bambolina products please contact us here